Remixed by rhytard!

Reddit has an amazing community called Bedroom Bands and some of the users are professional mixers, this one in particular was offering his services so I sent him my latest .wav files for Bad Girl. He remixed them and holy cow, they sound way better than what I came up with. He also gave me some amazing advice and I’m going to re-record everything again, this time with multiple takes for each track. I love projects like this.

Here’s what he came up with:

Stereo Mix MP3

Mono Mix MP3

Precious Bass

For tonight’s recording of Precious and Grace I’m using the Zoom G1on multi-effects pedal and the “bass” plugin, basically an Octave dropper. I set the guitar to the neck pickup and turned the tone knob all the way down, sounds good enough for now. I think I need to buy a bass guitar.

Download the MP3 (2.43 MB)

Or just play it here.

Precious And Grace

I had a hankering for Precious and Grace by ZZ Top last night, so I opened up the tabs and played along for 10 minutes and found it’s super easy, like most of their stuff. Easy to learn, but it’ll take a long long time to play it well. Yes I still suck, man it’s only been a few months.

Download the MP3: 2018-03-06 – Precious and Grace

Or just play it here.